Welcome to Zenamels & Julie Holmes Arts

What is cloisonne, you ask? Thank you for visiting my Zenamels website.  I hope you will find it to be a colorful, inspiring and happy place.   This is where I display, track and document my journey as a cloisonné enamelist, artist and maker, and hopefully answer that question with each and every enamel I make.

Enameling is the process of fusing vitreous glass to metal.  Not all metals can be enameled.  I use primarily fine silver and sometimes copper or coated steel tiles.  There are many techniques in enameling, but cloisonne is my technique of choice.  Cloisonne involves using fine gold, silver or copper wires to create an outline that is then filled in with multiple layers of colored enamel which has been finely ground and washed with distilled water.  Each layer is fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees.  Every piece is fired multiple times after each layer of enamel is applied.  Once the cloisonne cells or cloisons have been filled, the enamel is then ground down to the tops of the wires and fired one last time.

I started enameling when I felt more like Z (my World of Warcraft character) than me…thus Zenamels was born.  Enameling is intense and when I need to do something less precise, I do pyrography painting & silk painting, so Julie Holmes Arts is now the parent company for all my artistic endeavors.

I’m glad you’re here, and I’d like to invite you to keep up with what’s happening on my Cloisonne Enamel Bench page, view previous work on my cloisonne and pyrography galleries, and if you feel the least bit inclined, I’d be thrilled for you to:


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