Enamels, Mala

Bubble Mermaid is now a mala

This enamel is one I made very early on in my enameling journey.  It’s on silver plated steel I got from Thompson’s Enamels.  I don’t think they even sell these anymore.  The enamel has bubbles, cracks, the silver was beginning to burn away.  The enamel is Thompson’s unleaded, I hadn’t even discovered leaded enamels yet.  The design I drew by hand…which surprised me, I’m not good at drawing, and it’s not a good drawing…but I liked it.  I turned down a lady that wanted to buy it and had no idea why.  I guess this is how you get around the whole “making things for yourself” issue that I talked about earlier.  Just don’t know you are making it for yourself at the time.  This is my mala.  The Buddha is my Buddha.  He was brought home from India from our travels when I was a kid.  I threw in the last picture because I’m so happy my orchid appears to be thriving, putting out new roots and two!!!  flower spikes.

Removing the “I”

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