Flow Mala


108 bead rhodonite mala



21″ long (including tassel);  Bead length 32″, Cloisonné 1.5″ round, weight 3.1 oz. Sterling and fine silver bezel setting.  24kt gold cloisonné wire & embellishments.

6 mm Rhodonite beads:  Love, self-worth, well-being, Balance     Inscription:  “breathe”

Malas (Buddhist prayer beads) are made with 108 gemstone beads and a tassel representing the thousand petal lotus, symbol of the crown chakra.  It is said that there are 108 paths to enlightenment and 108 lines of energy that come together to form the heart chakra.  It is also said that there are 108 reasons why the number 108 is sacred.  As the beads pass through the hand, pause for a moment with the Guru bead (cloisonné) and thank the teachers for all they have taught.  A mala is a sacred object to be treated with respect.  The genuine gemstone beads are hand knotted with silk.  Choose a mala with your heart.


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